NMC Strategic Plan 2022-23

NMC Strategic Plan 22-23

Prepared by the National Managers' Community

    Publication Date: July, 2022

    NMC Strategic plan 2022-2023

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    Evolving managers’ practice & presence

    While the past two years have been challenging for everyone, managers have continued to rise to the occasion.  

    In a time that is characterized by data, digital, new workplace designs, enhanced focus on inclusiveness, flatter work cultures, and multiple generations working together, managers have been flexible, hard-working, and delivered the critical programs that Canadians rely on.

    As the pressures and expectations have evolved, both for what a manager needs to know and what is expected of them, they are looking for the tactics, strategies and skills that will elevate their outcomes. 

    The National Managers’ Community (NMC) Secretariat is a small piece of the puzzle, much of the picture comes from the impacts that managers have every day in the way they show up for themselves and their employees.  

    The NMC Strategic Agenda

    To sustain and enhance managers’ capacity to drive public service renewal.

    Supporting managers to:

    • Build a diversified and inclusive public service –> Supporting Black and racialized employees, Indigenous Peoples, employees with disabilities, religious minorities, and others who continue to face barriers in the workplace.
    • Thrive in the post-pandemic workplace –> Being mobilized and agile with a focus on wellbeing.
    • Promote innovation and optimize performance –> Fostering and growing talent; demonstrating a continuous learning and development mindset.
    Helping to shape the future of Canada’s public service. One that will continue to be more agile, diverse, accessible, and inclusive.

    “The NMC is committed to supporting managers as they navigate through an increasingly complex operating environment. We will deepen community connections, support them as they achieve public service priorities and create opportunities for managers to develop the skills they need for the future.”

    Arun Thangaraj
     Arun Thangaraj, NMC DM Champion

    How we will get there

    NMC’s Mission: Supporting managers as they work towards achieving excellence in the public service.

    The NMC will enable the achievement of our strategic agenda by:

    Acting as a 2-way communication enabler
    Advancing public service priorities and promoting the needs and interests of managers to senior leaders and central agencies.

    Collaborating and Connecting  
    Working with key partners to provide avenues for managers to connect with their peers and engage with senior leaders.

    Undertaking Outreach and Promoting Engagement
    Facilitating dialogue, acting as a knowledge broker and sharing best practices, while growing NMC’s network.

    Supporting its Renewal 
    Increasing awareness and the impact of the NMC across Canada and ensuring its sustainability and relevance.

    What we want to achieve

    Outcomes Key activities Alignment
    Increased insights into the managers’ working reality. The NMC will:
    • Work with partners and stakeholders to identify, compile and analyze data: exploring who our managers are (demographics etc.), what their responsibilities are (policies etc.), and their distinct realities.
    Renewal, Voice
    Strengthened partnerships, creating powerful opportunities for managers’ upskilling and development. The NMC will: 
    • Collaborate with central agencies in their work.
    • Collaborate with partner groups on national activities.
    • Strengthen our relationship with APEX with a series of sessions and events to help aspiring executives.
    • Deliver co-development and peer coaching circles.
    Collaborate, Outreach, Voice
    Managers’ allyship of mental health, inclusion, renewal and wellbeing is sustained through learning opportunities. The NMC will:
    • Deliver information, resources and opportunities on topics that matter such as: diversity and inclusion, well-being, the hybrid work model, recruitment, retention, career development, and more.
    • Offer Virtual Talks consistently throughout the year.
    Collaborate, Outreach
    Sustained and consistent regional engagement. The NMC will:
    • Connect with regional steering committees and Chairs in each of the regions regularly. 
    • Provide one in-person learning day per region (if permitted by local regulations).
    Outreach, Voice

    Continued growth of managers’ involvement with NMC.

    The NMC will:
    • Increase event registration, newsletter signups and followers on our GCTools and Social Media platforms. 
    • Produce a three-day national virtual symposium for managers.
    • Renew its committee membership to represent diversified perspectives (departmental, regional, etc.).
    • Update branded materials and information for members.
    Outreach, Renewal
    Engaged Governance Committees that provide effective guidance. The NMC will: 
    • Coordinate and support Governance Committees that provide actionable guidance and meet according to the Terms of Reference.
    • Launch an Executive Board that advises the Deputy Champion.
    • Engage the NMC Governance on key community issues.
    Voice, Renewal
    An effective and efficient NMC Secretariat. The NMC Secretariat will:
    • Report on its activities and outcomes in the Annual Report to the Clerk. 
    • Make continual improvements in planning and reporting, commensurate with growth in membership.
    • Continue to secure departmental contributions in support of its growth in operations.
    • Maintain strong relationships with the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS).
    Renewal, Collaborate

    Connect, Engage and Collaborate

    Follow the NMC to stay informed about events, networking opportunities and to contribute to interdepartmental collaboration between managers at all level.

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