In the Spotlight

  • The NMC is currently offering secondment and micro-assignment opportunities in various regions. Please consult the NMC-CNG GCconnex group in the file designated Position Opportunities for more details. 

  • I am very pleased  to inform the NMC that the  Strategic People Management Field Guide is now available on GCPEDIA  for managers. The Strategic People Management Field Guide is a series of tools intended to support the HR practitioner and line manager partnership in HR Planning and strategic workforce management.
  • The National Manager’s Community and the Blueprint 2020 National Secretariat would like to present you with four additional tools specifically designed for managers.
  • Managers we are pleased to make available highlights from the National Managers’ Community’s (NMC) national focus groups. This presentation summarizes the results of our 2015 fall focus groups and includes perspectives from every Region, from coast to coast.  The Focus Group presentation can be accessed on the NMC-CNG’s GCconnex page
  • The PSC is offering WebEx information sessions to hiring managers and HR professionals who want to learn more about how these staffing solutions can support their HR planning and complement existing organizational staffing activities.

  • The Personnel Psychology Centre has recently implemented the Public Service Entrance Exam, a suite of unsupervised and supervised tests, for assessing Reasoning and Judgement. These tests are now available to assess candidates for entry-level officer positions in the federal public service and offer an efficient way of identifying promising applicants in the early stages of an appointment process. Understanding the Public Service Entrance Exam suite of products

  • Please note two connections for access into career or job opportunities: The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Jobs Marketplace for job seekers or opportunity postings on GCconnex; and, the Public Service Commission’s Career Watch on Job Search.

  • The 2015-16 National Managers’ Community Forum Series will be announced soon. 

  • Check out the Public Service Commission's Suite of Political Activities Tools to help federal public service employees make informed decisions regarding their participation in political activities.

  • Visit our NMC/CNG Gcconnex page and join in our virtual discussions and collaborations.

2015-16 Open Letter to the National Managers’ Community from Karen Ellis, NMC Champion

In 2014-15, the National Managers’ Community (NMC) began a transformation in what it does and how it does things.  At the time, I said that a reduced budget did not mean reduced impact or influence. It meant doing different things and doing things differently. It compelled greater focus, more innovation and creativity, and deeper impact. Ultimately, it drove us to the core power of what it meant to be a network.

I also said we would honour the past and dive into the present to set the agenda for the future that ensures a strong voice for managers in the public service, using modern tools and partnerships that will give us even greater reach. And look what we have achieved!

Throughout 2014-15, the NMC embraced change and demonstrated the flexibility, adaptability, resilience and positive energy that thousands of public servants have shown as we transform what we do and how we do in support of the Blueprint 2020 vision. 

The NMC successfully transitioned away from coaching and training delivery, and has built and strengthened many partnerships.  The Canada School of Public Service, Shared Services Canada, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS), the Translation Bureau at Public Works and Government Services Canada, and the Federal Youth Network have been invaluable and generous partners to the NMC throughout the past year.

The NMC Forum Series 2014-2015: Leadership for the Future was held in-person in 13 hub locations, with virtual participation from almost 200 viewing centres across the country over five separate events. This Series of events alone engaged approximately 1200 participants, and was delivered at no additional cost to departments. These sessions leveraged technology and provided a mechanism for managers across the country to participate in dialogue and learning on matters including: Wellbeing; managing and leading through change; and new ways of working; and, leadership and engagement.

Going forward, and among other activities, we are planning a new series of regional events in 2015-16. We also plan to more fully develop the “Manager 2020” concept - the manager’s role in people management, change management, recruitment, creating a healthy and respectful workplace, etc. – and get the community engaged in a deeper understanding of its role and transforming its leadership through practical ideas, practices and tools.

Managers are absolutely critical to everything we need to achieve in public service, including our core business, transformation initiatives and achieving the Blueprint 2020 vision.  As public servants, what we do and how we do it is of critical importance to the country. The stakes are often high: if we don’t do it well, it is not an exaggeration to say that we can put the safety and livelihoods of Canadians at risk. That is why we need a strong and effective public service that can perform at high level.

The Blueprint 2020 vision and principles are grounded in our values, and look to improve and adapt the way things are done to keep appropriate pace in times of profound and rapid change. In this way, we can work effectively and collectively to maintain Canada’s position as a global model of Public Service excellence.

Our culture is reflected in the actions and attitudes of each and every public servant. All public servants are expected to contribute to a healthy, supportive and high-performing workplace, consistent with our values and ethics. And, managers remain key and valued players in building a safe, respectful, high-performing and healthy work environment that promotes engagement, openness and transparency.

I am so proud of what the NMC has accomplished over the past 15 months and the credit goes to all of you and the many volunteers who have graciously shared their talents with the community.

And, as “The Carpenters” would put it . . .  “We’ve only just begun . . .”   . . . Yes, it’s another 70s song . . .

Karen Ellis

Champion, National Managers’ Community

Message from the NMC Chairperson

Judy 2015

Our Deputy Champion has a new assignment as Associate DM at Veteran’s Affairs.  Ms Ellis will continue in her role as NMC Champion.

NMC secretariat is pleased to welcome our two new Regional Managers – Jodi LeBlanc (Atlantic) and Jean Gallagher (Pacific).

The NMC website is being repaired thanks to the CSPS.  You should soon see new materials and updates.  We are also on facebook – join us – and we are still encouraging people to get onto GCConnex.

On guidance from the Clerk and Deputy Clerk, NMC is proposing to host another series of regional forums in 2015-16 in place of a national forum.  Secretariat is working on ideas for the regional gatherings.  These would be day-long, in-person sessions with the theme of Manager 2020. 

NMC hosted two meetings in Atlantic Canada over last two months.  A very successful Nova Scotia NMC Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in Halifax with guest speakers (Eileen Dooley, Health Partners and Daryell Nowlan, ACOA). 

The New Brunswick NMC gathering in Moncton, linked up with smaller groups in Bathurst, Fredericton and Dieppe, for a highly productive session discussing mental health in the workplace.  Eileen and Darryell were again present.  Proceedings of the facilitated discussions will be available shortly.

Secretariat is proposing we organise similar events in every province. 

On the departmental level, we have met with manager communities at Agriculture, Environment, ESDC, and Transport Canada.  We have also held two Manager Advisory Board meetings over the last three months.  

We have managed to recruit seven new ADMs to sit on this Board and are closing in on having full representation from all 39 contributing departments.


Judy Beaudoin

Chair, National Managers’ Community