Ontario – excluding National Capital Region


The Regional Champion is an executive named by the Chair of the Regional Federal Council and represents the region on the National Managers’ Community ADM Advisory Board.  The role of the Regional Champion is to ensure that regional executives are engaged and the voice of managers is heard and profiled, while also providing the NMC Regional Manager and Steering Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs with strategic advice and guidance.

Mauricette Howlett
Regional Champion
Canada Revenue Agency
(905) 572-2601


As a member of the NMC Secretariat, the Regional Manager has a role in leading NMC efforts to influence policy by reflecting the voice of managers to Public Service decision-makers.  They are a facilitator and information broker, bringing people together and helping them share best practices, resources and contacts.  

The Regional Manager collaborates, liaises and provides support and advice to Steering Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs and members in their respective Regions.  They represent NMC at events, including Regional Federal Council meetings and other horizontal senior level communities, advocating on issues of importance to managers.

Marilyn Cavarretta-Latzel
Regional Manager
Mobile: (437) 333-7372


Provincial Steering Committees are led by Chairs/Co-Chairs and comprised of managers who represent their department/agencies.  The Committees hold monthly/quarterly steering committee meetings.   They provide a source of intelligence and feedback of information from the departments/agencies about manager issues and innovations.  The committee members communicate the information about NMC activities and opportunities to Managers in their respective departments/agencies and participate in developing, implementing and monitoring of the provincial action plan which reflects the strategic objectives of the NMC.

Zeeba Qureshi
Chair, Steering Committee
Canada Revenue Agency
(416) 952-2137



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